Relief from Anxiety

with Anxiety Based Change

Do you need relief from anxiety's crippling effects? Is medication (or worse) just covering up symptoms, stalling recovery and leaving you feeling depleted?

Anxiety Based Changed, the ABC of simple, effective anxiety therapy can help you.

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Do you need help with the following?

You may not know you are suffering with stress and anxiety, but you may be experiencing other symptoms that you can identify with.

Trauma Release

- exorcising the ghosts of your past

Sometimes we have a memory so filled with shame, rage, sadness or fear that it shapes how we think, affects how we interact with others and limits the happiness we feel. Whilst the importance of the event may be defining, the learning it provides could prove essential from moving on from it.  The session provides an opportunity to unlock these hidden resources, allowing you to be free of the past and resilient in the future.

Relationship Issues

- we all change, we just need to let others know

Every healthy relationship evolves over time through ups and downs. Issues that need to be dealt with will always arise when changes occur to one or both parties. The difference between whether the relationship becomes stronger or falters though, depends upon the quality of communication, and the ability to be open and honest. Those without these key components find conversations lead to arguments, which leads to distancing and ultimately apathy.  


- when tension goes mental

There are many causes of headaches, and different ways to experience the pain. Some are simple to remedy, like bad posture, dehydration or diet, but for others it can be a symptom of a deeper psychological issue, where you feel overwhelmed by a personal or professional problem. In session you’ll learn to distinguish the kind of headache you have, and understand how to deal with the core problem without the need to reach for pain killers.

Teeth Grinding

- why your dentist knows you’re stressed before you do

Bruxism is where you grind your teeth at night or clench your jaw through the day. This in turn causes headaches, jaw stiffness, earache, disturbed sleep and damaged teeth. Many people are unaware they do it, and that it can be a reaction to stress or some unresolved psychological problem. Most people medicate to deal with the pain, or use teeth guards to stop the grinding, but this rarely deals with the cause of the problem.


- stop the distractions, end the addictions

Addictive personalities can be great when positively directed upon goals and ambitions, but so often they surface to distract you from the problems you wish to avoid dealing with in the form of alcohol, smoking, gambling, drugs, sex, food, gaming – quite literally anything.  But when this dependency is not dealt with, the lives of those addicted and their loved ones are destroyed. 


- learning how stressing about fertility prepares you for parenthood

Infertility affects men and women, both physically and mentally. The medical profession defines it as the inability to conceive after a year of trying, with it now affecting 1 in 7 couples in the UK.  Where couples show no physical or medical issues to conceive, it is often the psychological element that needs addressing. 

Muscle Tension

- when a problem becomes a pain in the neck

Masseurs often state that the physical manifestation of stress can be felt by localised muscle tension often around the neck and shoulder area. Whilst professional manipulation by a trained physical therapist can help, it is better to treat the source of the stress to stop the tension and subsequent pain from manifesting in the first place.


- you’ll feel better about it in the morning

A good sleep is often the first remedy for so many psychological concerns, it helps us view challenges differently, pragmatically, and even philosophically. But when the problem is so concerning, it affects our ability to deeply rest and truly restore our energy. So often, the bigger the issue, the harder it is to fall asleep or stay asleep for a restful period, and this itself leads to feeling tired on waking, with low energy levels throughout the day.

Lack of Concentration

- when the weight of the world is on your shoulders

It is often said that we do our best work when ‘in the zone’, or that we can only truly connect with someone when our attention is solely focused upon them. But when distracted, we lack concentration and difficulties in our professional effectiveness and personal relationships ensue.  When we become stressed to the point of overwhelm, and our ability to cope diminishes, it is time to seek new ways addressing the problems that consume us.

Chronic Pain

- when pain becomes a permanent disability

When pain persists longer than 6 months after you have recovered from injury or illness, it’s known as chronic pain. Research now shows that whilst people actually feel pain to be real, some of the time it is purely psychological, otherwise known as a phantom symptom, often caused from a dependency upon powerful prescription drugs known as opioids.

Stomach Issues

- listen to your gut

Problems with digestion can range from mild indigestion to full blown IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Stress has proven to be a contributing factor to the way we effectively digest food.  Those with high stress levels are more likely to experience stomach upsets and skin conditions and left unaddressed these conditions go on to affect other parts of the body. Many are caused by lifestyle choices, but those lifestyle choices themselves may have unexamined origins.

It's good to talk...everyone is unique.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and whilst you may not be suffering with any of the above, it might be time to discuss that problem that you can’t quite put your finger on.  If would like to talk it through, then let’s have a chat.