Harness Your Anxiety Instead of Supressing It

People are often motivated to see me because they feel trapped by a negative behaviour or belief about themselves that they feel is impossible to change.  By helping them to consider different perspectives, releasing limitations connected to their past, they can identify a new way of seeing their life and the challenges they face, with options that improve their day-to-day happiness and optimism for the future.

Anxiety Based Change

The key difference about this process is that it puts you at the centre of your own recovery.  If you own the problem, then you can create the solution.  My role is to act as a guide to help you create ideal environments that facilitate change in your life. By using this method to create change in your most difficult areas of life, you can nurture an ability to independently create solutions for similar problems in the future. This in turn builds self-belief, confidence, and a resilience for future challenges.

Your biggest discovery from these sessions is that negative emotions associated with problems are there to ultimately help with a solution, not hinder it.  The negative emotion you experience is fundamentally a ‘call to action’ designed to generate the required energy to help you with the problem you face.  These sessions provide a structured and pragmatic approach of how to align this energy to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Anxiety Based Change puts you at the centre of your own recovery

If you own the problem, then you can create the solution

As the new understanding about mental health gathers momentum, that psychological problems are not derived from chemical imbalances within the brain, but are aspects of our personality, lifestyle and behaviour, the foundation of living a truly happy existence becomes a closer reality for all.