What to Expect From This Type of Therapy

At its core, therapy provides a guide to help people find ways to live a happier life.  A common perception of therapy is that you only seek it out when something is broken and needs fixing. 

But what if you’re not broken?  

What if the life you live has everything within it to make you happy, yet for some reason you just don’t feel settled, satisfied or content?  What do you do then?

I regularly find that clients who experience traumas and personal challenges already have the specific components they need to build the life they desire.

For some people it is about finding a way to release the pain, other times it’s about upgrading how you think. Initially though, it is about realising that you are a survivor from your past and to use this as a platform for change.

How We Will Work Together

The initial stage is to have a 20-minute chat over the phone about what is happening in your life right now, what challenges or problems you face, and what have you tried to do in the past to resolve them.    

This chat gives me a general understanding of what you hope to expect from attending a breakthrough session, it also gives me an opportunity to explain to you how I work with clients and what to expect from attending future sessions.

We then schedule the first session and I will send a questionnaire for you to complete and return prior to meeting. This provides me with a greater understanding of who you are and what significant events have happened in your life to date. 

During the first session we will go through the questionnaire, where you will have the opportunity to fill in any gaps. This will help define the type of strategies that are best for you to create the changes you desire within the shortest time frame possible.

At the end of the session we review what has been discussed, the strategies used and agree any homework that needs completing. We’ll then book the next session. 

The key difference with my therapeutic process is that, compared to other therapists, clients have greater accessibility between sessions.  Psychological changes occur over a period and not just in session, so when patients require an occasional chat between sessions, they can call or text for a chat to discuss any pressing thoughts or concerns. 

I work alongside GPs, dentists and fertility and health specialists to aid patients with the psychological component that is key to progressing quickly through a problem.  

I work with individuals dealing with profession burnout, health issues, relationship challenges, anyone coping with high levels of stress and anxiety.

Session Time

My session timings are a little different too compared to other therapists.  I’ve found that having set times to talk may not suit everyone, so I offer a package of time. This means that after the first session, I am available to speak to you for an hour, half an hour or even ten minutes, booked or ad hoc. And if I’m not immediately available, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, often much sooner. You don’t need to leave a burning issue until the next booked session.

You can do this by contacting me to schedule a convenient time. I don’t want you to be sitting with a problem in between traditional sessions when you can reach out to me when you need to.

Session packages are booked in advance from 120 - 600 minutes, with the initial consultation free.